About Us

Answers of all the questions related to us!

Everyone has a history, and we have one too.!

How we started?

We were sharing our recent incidents with each other about the anxiety. So, to fight against it, we thought of creating a platform that brings us together and share the information that is beneficial for us to win over anxiety.

Why we started?

With the help of this website and our application, we will try our best to make you feel good and help you to win over anxiety.

Once you take these small changes in your life, you will notice a big change in your life. You have more energy, enthusiasm, strength, confidence to work on things. Your failure starts turning into success.

Why we chose porcupine as our logo?

For us, it’s the symbol of togetherness. As the sharp spine on the back of porcupine protect against predators, in a similar manner with togetherness and our inner confidence will beat anxiety.

The logo is designed by Elyssa, and we are thankful to her for this beautiful work.

Important dates for ANMA:

Past year 2016:

  • 11 July: First day of discussion and approved to start working on this
  • 24 Aug: Music composed
  • 28 Aug: First UI design
  • 03 Sep: Publically announced
  • 05 Dec: Alpha version of app created
  • 20 Dec: Beta version of app launched

This year 2017:

  • 21 Jan: Our first contest starts


Thank you for your valuable time for reading this, hope you enjoy our work. And in the last, you are not alone, we are always here with you to spread our love. Feel free to write to us anytime.