[Experience] Sometimes, we choose to fail, make them right on TIME

I start this post of mine, with a saying from William D. Brown:

Failure is an event, never a person. ~William D. Brown, Welcome Stress!

There are no good or bad decisions. Since my childhood, I have been taking many decisions by choice, and I know that if I had taken certain decisions I would have failed. It is not guaranteed that right decision will only lead to success though. However, the probability is high.

As a kid, instead of studying, I spent most of my time playing video games even when I had my exam the very next day. Indirectly, I chose to fail. Despite my awareness of the consequences, I took that decision. In some cases, may be your Happiness is the reason of your failure, as it happened with me in above scenario.

But don’t be too quick to judge that my lack of experience led to such decisions because last year also, I took such wrong decisions and I am a grown up now. Sometimes we prefer joy and happiness over failure.

During my college days, I had to give a presentation and the best option for me was to take a leave and avoid it. As I fear speaking on stage, I avoided it and chose to fail by doing so.

In the recent past, I started a personal project unrelated to my day job and to complete it I almost gave a reason to my supervisor to terminate me owing to my poor performance. But, it doesn’t mean that getting terminated will stop me to get another job but that’s a wrong way of thinking. We must always give best in whatever we are doing now.

By believing in luck, instead of our skills, we waste our time. Waiting for good things to happen, is another form of failure by choice. I purchased the lottery ticket and didn’t give my hundred percent to current work believing that one day my day will come was also my decision of failure.

Let us consider some general issues, where you choose to fail, starting with circumstances. You need money because of some medical emergency in your family and you don’t have it. What do you do? As there is no easy way to earn a lot of money and you have a very strong need for money, you might choose a path of failure by choice, and commit a felony. It happens not only in the movies but in the real life also.

False promises made by you, is your choice too. You know by heart, that you will not be able to fulfil those promises, still you make those promises, and indirectly, you choose to fail. Don’t make false commitments, be a man of your words. Because, when you make commitment you build a hope. When you keep it, you build trust. Never lose trust of someone.

Failure comes in different sizes, and it’s okay, if you fail by choice but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. You still have the choice to make things right, make your follies correct, but most important thing to note here is the TIME. If you don’t amend the things on time, then things will be worse. It’s true that, you are not measured by your failure, but by what you do after.

Now what happens, if you failed by choice, and didn’t make up in time. Simple, it leads to bigger problems and it might come in form of anxiety, depression, nightmares and all those scary stuffs that you never imagined. And now how will you overcome to this?

I personally feel, the best solution for such problems is to talk to people who knows and understands this pain. Although the things remain bad, but they still motivate you to make the things right. You don’t have the power to erase whatever you did in the past, but you can do something great and create a new line parallel to it to make it shorter. Embrace your decision and become beacon of light for others, and it gives you motive and meaning to your life. Once you have the meaning, you will feel yourself alive and energetic again. You will feel happy, and as everyone has different version of happiness, and this version will come to your life. Never give up, but choose to live and survive with those hard decisions.

P.S.: This is my own personal thoughts and I totally respect others opinions too. If you like my post, please take a pain to write a thank you note :)

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