[Experience] Definition of Fear

Fear: An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

One thing that I have learned about fear is that it is always in future which I can never deal in my mind. It would always remain no matter what I did because how can I deal with something which is always in future. I can only deal with it when it is here and now. I can learn some techniques to deal with it if anything that I dread happens. But when will I deal with it? That moment will always be NOW. Now, I could see the futility of my fears.

Anticipating consequences is an act of intelligence. This can decide whether to take a particular course of action or not. But if you have understood the risks of not doing something despite all your fears and you conclude that action must be taken, you must remember one thing: You can handle anything that comes. Trust your intelligence and feel good about it. It has helped you till now. What makes you think it won’t help you in future? Use these evidences to teach your subconscious mind that you will handle it!!

You have survived till now. How many of your fears actually became a reality? It is likely that some of them actually happened but what did you do? Did you panic or deal with them? If you panicked, did it help? Remember, you can deal with anything that happens now. Future is nothing but “future NOW”.

So remind yourself when fear starts to creep in: “I can handle anything that comes. I trust myself”. Feel good.:)


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