[Short Stories] How to deal with Anxiety - Story of Sarah

This is the story of a girl named Sarah, living in a city named Life. She is 24 years old and staying as a paying guest far away from her parents. Her career was almost ruined because of her anxiety. She lost her boyfriend, job, social circle, and almost every beautiful thing around her. But today, she owns a company named “HIVE”.

What changed her life? No one else, she is the only reason who helped herself to reach at this position. She made her mental strength as her strongest skill. And yes, there is always someone who is she always thankful for, and who guided her through her journey of success.

1 year ago, after facing many struggling incidents in a life, she decided to end her life. Because anxiety also brought her best friend depression to her life too, and she was completely broken from inside. She had written her final words and took enough sleeping pills for long lasting sleep.

After 9 hours, she opened her eyes and found herself in a hospital. Those 9 hours were like 9 months to her, time required for a new born. But she wasn’t aware about the time. The doctor came inside the ICU. She read his name as it’s written on his ID Card, and it said TYRO.

They both had a long conversation about her past life. He explained to her that Anxiety is a mental illness, and you need to accept it. Anxiety happens when we try to overprotect ourselves from the outer environment. So, to defeat it, you need to work on something and I will help you in this journey.

He explained some methods to her, that is going to help her in achieving everything that is already lost. The first thing to beat anxiety, is that you need someone who trusts you and always support you. Yes, it is hard to find but not impossible. Without second thought, she asked the doctor to be that person, as he was the one who saved her. He said “Yes, I will listen to you and promise you to never leave you alone”. With this fact, you feel yourself strong. After listening to his answer, she got up from the bed and hugged the doctor.

The next thing to achieve is to “believe in yourself” said by doctor. Yes, you can do it. The doctor said, if you had the power to do suicide, then you also have the power to give birth. It doesn’t mean that you will not feel anxious in your next job interview, but you have to accept it and embrace it. Once you accept that, it’s anxiety and believe in yourself, you will win.

Few days passed and she got the job back. With results coming positive, she felt motivated and started become social to everyone again. As the old boyfriend left her because of her illness, and this time instead of changing his thoughts she changed him. Because the doctor said “If you cann’t change the people, change the people.” Although, the new one is not so handsome as him, but he understands her.

Now the next piece of advice by the doctor “You’ll never succeed on your own, but you will be successful as an individual if you work well as a team.” Yeah, you got it right. She resigned from current job and opened her own company. A company of 3 people, for helping others suffering from anxiety. Surprisingly, she hired the other 2 who were also suffering from anxiety. Now, the last formula of doctor, to sit together and share your vulnerabilities. Because once you know and accept your weakness, only then you become strong. They shared and cared for each other. And finally, today they are at position where no one ever imagined about. She has now everything fame, money, happiness, and a loving husband.

Anxiety is an illness, there is no scale to measure and can be easily curable. You just need a right person and direction.

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