[Experience] One timeless truth

One timeless truth

“We become what we think all day long”.

This truth seems obvious yet so subtle that bearing that it has on our lives is difficult to comprehend by a conditioned mind.

What are we? We are nothing but our own beliefs. The beliefs that you have about the world and about yourself will decide how you are going to spend the brief time that you have on earth. Our actions that we take on physical level are nothing but a manifestation of our own thoughts and beliefs.

It is a fascinating fact that physically we may look alike yet we all are different on psychological level. This is the difference that makes all the difference!

There are certain laws that govern the working of mind. The way someone uses these laws consciously or unconsciously decides the quality of one’s life. Don’t just read these laws. Observe the impact of these laws in your life as well.

  1. Mind, basically, is infinite in nature: You deny this fact because you are conditioned. You think in certain patterns without seeing other possibilities. The way and the kind of thoughts that you think are the results of your usual way of thinking. Once you develop a certain pattern of thinking, you tend to think in these patterns only to further reinforce them. You talk and act which is in harmony with these thought patterns. Once a pattern is hardened, mind almost refuses to accept any other thought that does not fit in its usual pattern. Nevertheless, brain runs on the command of mind and if you can change your mind, you can change the brain.

  2. Any thought coupled with emotion will become unconscious guiding force: This is the theory of subconscious mind in one line. This is one law that every successful person who has ever born on this earth had used deliberately or unknowingly. Any thought that is coupled with any emotion will ultimately start reflecting in your actions. And our actions decide the results that we get. As simple as that. Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said: “Dreams are not those you see while sleeping, dreams are those which don’t allow you to sleep”. Yes, this is true indeed. It does not matter what you think, if it is coupled with an emotion whether negative or positive, it will come to its fruition if you are persistent enough. Any desire that is mixed with enthusiasm will reach subconscious which will start executing it through your actions.

  3. Any thought if repeated continuously will eventually start dominating your psyche and hence your actions: Yes. If a certain thought has gained a certain weight, it will start reinforcing itself by seeking evidences in the real world that support it. That is why it is really important to understand the importance of choosing our own thoughts. We must monitor the quality of thought that is entering our mind. If it is not in harmony with the kind of life you want to live you must ignore it. Thoughts ignored are dissolved. Also, you can’t kill a thought by “trying” to kill it. Your any attempt to “kill” any thought will only give more attention to it. More you give attention to a thought, more it sinks into patterned way of thinking.

  4. It is absolutely possible to change the way neurons fire in brain by changing the mind: Recent research in neuroscience also confirms it. The term neuroplasticity pertains to the capability of brain to change itself at any age. Well, this truth was told to Arjuna by Krishna when he was addressing him in the battle field. He told him: “Everybody develops a certain way of thinking. And if you want to develop a new way of thinking, you must discard the existing pattern by thinking new thoughts”. I know it is hard but not impossible. More passionate you are about change, easier it will be for you to change. Old thought patterns live because you let them live by reinforcing them. Stop paying attention to these thoughts and they will eventually loosen their grip from your psyche. At the same time, think new empowering thoughts.

Well, a lot more can be written about the implications of these laws. I bet you, the application of these laws if used effectively is life changing.

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