[Article] Social Anxiety and Shyness

The two terms sounds very similar at first glance. With this post, I’ll try to clear some of the misconception about them:

  1. Both are totally different. Being a shy is a personality trait, however the social anxiety is a mental disorder and can be treated.
  2. Social anxiety does harm you, and result in physical symptoms when you are trying to socialize, for example, sweating, high heart beat rate, shaking, nausea, faintness, and many more, whereas with shyness these symptoms are not come into role.
  3. There is also a myth, that introvert people does suffer from social anxiety or shyness, but that’s again not true. In your comfort zone, you may not have shyness, but you can have social anxiety when a new person join the talk.
  4. Avoiding the social events doesn’t help with social anxiety, and instead you should join them by going with friends.
  5. Drinking alcohol and drugs doesn’t help with you social anxiety.
  6. People suffering from social anxiety has different triggers, like, giving speech on stage, travelling alone, attending parties, whereas people with shyness, only feel difficulties in communication while they are in public.
  7. Social anxiety mostly comes from the lifestyle you spend, whereas its not true with the shyness.
  8. Person of any age can from Social anxiety, but shyness is usually in kids.
  9. Social anxiety should not be ignored, as it may lead to physical/emotional/mental health related issue, whereas shyness can be ignored.
  10. Use mirror to talk motivational with yourself will definitely remove your shyness, whereas with social anxiety you need to find your trigger and work hard on it to control it.
  11. The very first step in any kind of anxiety is to do breath control practice, and the best way is to do them is by doing daily yoga, exercise, and healthy diet (intake of fruits and green vegetable, and avoid junk foods).

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