[Story] The Biggest Liar

I start this post of mine by asking a question from you.

Ques: If you ever get the chance to meet your past self, then what advice would you give it to him/her?

When this question hit me, lots of things came to my mind that I wanted to tell to my younger self. For example, study hard, watch less movies, don’t take so much stress and all those weird stuff. Then I keep asking this question from myself, till I find the right answer. So, the answer I found is:

Never ever lie to yourself. Accept the truth, and embrace it.

All of the assumptions that makes you happy or sad, are nothing; they are just a lie. And yes, ASSumption is the mother of all failures.

There is a huge difference between these 3 statements:

  1. I can’t do it.
  2. I can do it.
  3. I have to do it.

The statement 1 is 100% lie, without even trying you should never accept that you are not capable of doing it. A Man can do anything, but not everything. You just need to keep trying, until you achieve it. Statement 2 is also a lie, because until or unless you haven’t achieved it, you have no rights to say that you can do it. Even smaller problems are difficult to solve, if they didn’t get solve at time. Statement 3, this is the place where you should always live. If you have decided to do something, then you should have to do it, and should be doing it right now.

To be honest, I decided to write this post in March, but now the April is going to end soon, and it’s still in draft phase. However, today I decided that I should have to do it and post it.

When you live with statement 3, results can be either of failure or success, however you always have the opportunity to learn something new during the process. In addition, you feel more confident to achieve your goals, and final success.

There is one thing about truth, it may be bitter but it is the only thing that can give you HAPPINESS.

Okay, that’s about you. Now about people close to YOU. They don’t want your money, beauty or anything. They always look for your trust. If they find you trustworthy, they are always with you. So, this is the second reason that you should never lie to yourself. Because if you lie to yourself, then you surely need to lie with them too.

This is my opinion for the above question, and I would definitely love to hear yours too. Please share your feedback in the comment section. Have a great weekend.

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Thank you for reading.

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