[Article] Uninitiated Person

My friend asked me to write about my experience on the above topic.

I have seen beautiful artwork and got the inspiration to design art in the same line. I started, and after a few attempts, I realized that this is not for me. Failed.
I met with a beautiful girl and forget what to say, and nothing came to my mind. Failed.
I read an inspiration story or book and got inspired to make a big decision in my career, and after 2-3 days, I felt that I am okay with my current position. Failed.

All of the above incidents didn’t only happen with me, it happens with most of US. What keeps us uninitiated? Why we stop ourselves doing what we like? What is the reason for our failure?

As there is a famous saying, “Every expert was once a beginner.” & being naive in any field is completely normal. And once again, be a naive not foolish. These are few of the reasons of our failure and how can we overcome it:

  1. Fear of failure: First of all, you have to understand that there is no shortcut or formula to achieve anything without fail. You have to keep trying and improve yourself with every attempt. You must do hard work and have lots of PATIENCE. You only overcome the fear, if you keep learning and working on your goal with all your heart.
  2. Have Guidance: We try things without proper guidelines and directions. Try looking for mentors and read as many books as possible. Planning is different and it’s also an important aspect of start working on your goals.
  3. Today is the day: Waiting and wishing for the right time to learn and start working on it will not lead you anywhere. This is the right moment and this is the best time. Today is the day to start. Without action, it will remain your dream.
  4. No one said that it would be easy: It takes time to get expertise, and they are not as easy as they look. Never compare yourself with anyone, because everyone has their unique style and have given their own time to mastery that thing.
  5. This is all psychology: When you think “I can also do it” by seeing someone doing it, you don’t see the actual work that had been put into making something work. The mind loves to abstract things and that’s why we judge others without knowing where they are coming from.

Now, when you start doing it- after seeing someone succeeding, initially you are in a state of euphoria. You do it for sometime. Now, your old mental patterns kick in telling you different kinds of things which may change your internal state of euphoria down to disappointment. That happens because you were not ready for doing the work at unconscious level. It was a sudden shot of dopamine and then fizzzzzzzzzzz…….

Now, you need to keep yourself in the state of euphoria if you want to keep doing it. How you keep yourself in that state is your own choice. Do you have a strong reason to do it? If not, then my friend, you won’ t be able to do it persistently. And as your resourceful state is fading away slowly, task becomes increasingly tedious for you without any exception.

Make your inner game solid. And then you can do anything.


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