[Experience] You cann't compare everything

Every human being starts their life from School. It plays a vital role, as it gives us the platform to learn new things. In schools, we have English, Math, and Hindi as our primary subjects in junior classes.

Now let’s go to the past, when I was a kid, I found Math as an interesting subjects. I started from numbers, then learnt basic computations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In parallel, with English I was taught about alphabets, words, and sentences. Now, here is the problem arises.

With the knowledge of numbers, I had learnt to COMPARE things by counting or you can say computing. So, exams started asking questions like “Which quantity is more, 2 Apple in one basket or 3 Apple in another basket?” It sounds logical. But when I reached home, a group of stupid people also known as relatives asked stupid questions like, “Who you love more or who loves you more, your mother or father?”. It happens almost in every house. Now, I didn’t know how to calculate and what to answer. Okay, that time it was their mistake, because I hadn’t study about the countable and uncountable nouns yet.

But what makes me sad is, that people of our age also believe in such things. Even, after having the knowledge and understanding of all that complex stuff, I even myself found COMPARING the things like love, friendship, and happiness, the things that belongs to uncountable nouns. If Person “A” is giving me 50k Rs Gold ring, and Person “B” just expressing her/his love by gifting me 100 Rs Gaming CD on my birthday, it’s injustice to say that person “A” is showing more love to me based on the value of gift. Interestingly, there may be chances that person C who even forgot to wish me on my birthday, loves me more than both A & B. To make the things clear, you cann’t just empathise with B or C, and make a believe in your mind that A is showing off, may be the situation is different here. So it can also be concluded that, “What you think is not always right?” because if you think any person loves you more than another, this cann’t be true. The only truth is, for this case, that all the 3 person loves you in their own style.

I believe that we should use the concept of English literature and not compare the things that are uncountable, as the persons who themselves created the literature marked them as uncountable. And if you keep comparing them then you are making the situations more complex, and that’s why complex, compute, and compare starts with word COMP. So, its like

Compute + Compare = Complex

Simple maths :)

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